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Windows Modules Installer Worker service high CPU usage problem

The Windows operating system users always face some weird technical problems that they cannot fix by themselves. This leaves them only with one option, and that is taking the computer to a technician and spending money to get rid of that problem. I can understand using this approach if the issue is related to the Hardware component. But following the same method and getting technical help for pertaining software problem is an idiotic idea. My friend took his computer for repair after he found out the Windows Modules Installer Worker Windows 10 is consuming High CPU resources.
I’ve faced this problem multiple times on my computer, but I am a smart guy and follow some provided solutions to get rid of the problem within a few minutes. There is nothing complicated in following the technical steps to get rid of the specific issues like WMI High CPU usage or High Disk Usage error. If you are facing the windows modules installer worker high cpu usage windows 10 in your computer, then you are …